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The 3 Greatest Moments in papiamento translator History



“Papiamento” is a Portuguese word for “to chop, to slice, to slice, to cut, or to cut off.” Translation: “to chop up.

Papiamento is often used in the marketing of products that contain the word papiamento (for example, food products with the word papiamento in the name). For example, this company makes pâte à papa-fritters. It is a popular snack, and these pâte à papa-fritters are made from pâte à papa, which is a paste made with flour and eggs.

In the case of papa-fritters, they are made from a mixture of mashed potatoes and flour. That’s it. Papiamento is a very important word in the Portuguese language. It is used to describe any type of food item which contains flour and eggs.

The thing I love to do is use my pta papa-fritters as an example. Sometimes I do this in the course of a discussion with other commenters. People get frustrated when I talk about how the pte papa-fritter is a popular snack. Some people actually hate the word papa-fritter because they believe it isn’t a good word.

Thats totally fine and dandy, but I’m not here to talk about the word papa-fritter. I’m here to talk about the pta papa-fritter.

The idea behind papiamento is to translate a food item in a funny way. For example: “Papiamento means papa-fritter in English, but the Spanish word means pancake with a fried egg. The pta papa-fritter is a kind of pancake with a fried egg in it.

Papiamento is one of those foods that is a cultural crossroads. Its origins are in the Italian dialect of pancake, but the dish is also a trademark of the Dominican Republic. Papiamento actually means pancake with a fried egg in it. This is one of those foods that has spread to the Spanish speaking world, but is mostly popular in the Dominican Republic. In the Dominican Republic, there is a national papiamento festival every year.

The pta papa-fritter has a very unique sauce that is a cross between a chorizo and a mayo, but it’s also a kind of egg batter pancake. The sauce is made of fried egg yolks, salt, and a secret sauce. The secret sauce is very hot and smoky and makes the dish itself incredibly addictive.

I always thought that the name “papiamento” translated to “egg in it.” Well, that and its sauce are pretty much the only features that make this dish special. It’s a dish that just sounds like a typical Dominican breakfast fare, but it gets you a dose of the Dominican heat and a taste of the Dominican cuisine in one dish.

This is one of our favorite dishes. We think people should know that. It gets you a nice dose of the Dominican heat that is all over the city of Santo Domingo. We’ve had it several times and it is always a hit with a group of friends.

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